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Joe Blazer by Ready to Sew

March 1, 2018
Joe Blazer

For my first project of 2018 I really wanted a project that I could take slow, learn some new skills, and end up with a wardrobe piece nicer than I would be able to afford RTW.

I have always loved the timelessness of a blazer and how it can look dressed down with ripped jeans and sneaks.

So, after looking around, I settled on Ready to Sew’s Joe blazer pattern: it has the perfect combination of masculine and feminine.  

My local fabric shop has some gorgeous wools but after seeing a price tag of about $65 a yard, I started scouting Etsy and eBay for vintage yardage.  There are so many beautiful options! I ended up with a lightweight drapey black and white tweed, that at $60 for 4 yards was excellent quality and a great price.

The pattern instructions were very thorough and got me through my first princess seams, notched collar, AND welt pockets without a glitch!  The lining I had more trouble with for some reason…it was a lightweight satiny cotton that had some stretch to it, and for some reason, things didn’t match up without adding ease.  I decided not to go out and buy new fabric and have to recut and all that: it worked well enough.

Jacket with one arm attached!

Once the jacket and the lining were put together, there was a little sagging at the bottom instead of a nice crisp line.  I ended up going back into the jacket and adding more interfacing so that it had the structure I wanted. My local fabric store The French Seam helped me figure out how to add interfacing to an already constructed jacket.  Then I had help from Mr. Son, a man that owns an alterations shop nearby who has helped me out on sewing projects before.  He got the bottom to be perfectly square.

Jacket after Mr. Son’s help

I felt a little down that I hadn’t been able to fix it myself: but you know what? I managed the rest of the jacket completely by myself and wanted the garment to look professional so that I would feel confident wearing it…and that’s what I got.  I loooooovvvvvveeeee the way this jacket looks: it feels like a total fit with my style.  I’m having fun playing around with how to wear it.

Joe blazer by Ready to Sew

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